Michela Cerruti ready for Formula E challenge – Brand-new series set for Beijing opener

Michela Cerruti is ready for her new motorsport endeavour. The Milan-based female racer will be on the grid of the opening round of the FIA Formula E, a ground-breaking championship for electric open-wheel racers. This new commitment will add up to Michela’s runs in the 2014 Auto GP series and Blancpain GT Series. Starting from this weekend, twenty cars will be fielded between the streets of ten of the world’s most scenic cities including Beijing, where the action will start this weekend, Miami, Buenos Aires, London, Berlin and Monte Carlo.

Michela will be joining Team Trulli, managed by former Formula 1 racer Jarno Trulli, and her car will be powered by a state-of-the-art unit developing 180 Kilowatts. All the activities for the Beijing E-Prix will be held on Sunday, September 13th, with the race starting at 16:00 local time on a 3.4-km track. The corners will be flowing around the “Bird’s Nest”, which was the main venue for the 2008 Olympic Games.

As a brand-new feature, fans will be able to decide in every event which driver to award with a special push-to-pass boost. The vote will stop shortly before the race. Michela can be voted at

Michela Cerruti
Having started our program so late, we’re definitely going to be a little behind, and I’m aware that I’m not lining-up in China to aim at the top-5. Being the first race with a new technical package nothing is certain though, as reliability will be a major concern. Although I haven’t turned many laps on the car due to technical woes, the team managed to get some good feedback from Jarno’s car, and even if I don’t have 100% confidence with the car, I know it well and know how to drive it. One of the most difficult things will be adapting to some “real” streetcourses, as my only previous experience was at Marrakech. Anyway, this series is excellent. It’s well-thought, well-organized and if they will play their cards well there’s a clear chance to turn this season into a huge success“.

More info on the FIA Formula E championship can be found at the following link:

Formula E

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